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Anders B
Anders B
October 13, 2023
Great training environment for a beginner I spent 3 mornings training with Robin, Swing Doctor, in October 2023. As an absolute beginner, we started with basics, half swings and full swings, and pitching and putting. Robin created a very comfortable atmosphere and used instructions that were easy to follow and to avoid overthinking. In a short time, my swing was completely different to what it was the day before training when I was just hitting by myself. I recommend Robin to other beginners, and I would absolutely go again! My only regret is that I didn't sign up for training the 1st day I arrived in Koh Samui.
Ben T
Ben T
October 9, 2023
Great lessons in an awesome setting While in Samui doing a 7 day detox at a health spa I had the opportunity to spend some time with Robin working on my game. I completed 6hours over 5 days. I went into the lessons with a terrible fade on my drive and was just wanting to fix that. Robin took me back to basics, focused on getting my movements right, stop using my arms and use my hips and body to swing the club. Was an awesome experience that amazed me and helped me so much. Robin is a great teacher and a great bloke who I had a barrel of laughs with during our time together. An amazing change to how I approach my golf and more importantly a new friend. Thanks for everything mate and see you again when I can squeeze in another trip to Samui!
August 27, 2023
Great introduction to Golf We were a group of 3 beginners and myself having played a couple of seasons 25 years ago. Robin made a nice introduction to golf for the rookies and got me hooked on the game again. A great coach, who keeps it very simple, although we all know its not. Thanks Buddy
joakim c
joakim c
July 17, 2023
Thanks buddy Amazing teacher, really takes the time with you and explains everything by showing you. The most important thing is that he keeps it very simple. Thank you buddy may we meet again Joe
Alex B
Alex B
March 19, 2023
The Swing Doctor cures all your slicing pain The best lesson you can get Thailand for a very reasonable price. Keeps it simple and gave me all the advice I needed to cure my banana drives. Also might involve you in a 9 hole tournament if you're well behaved.
Sean G
Sean G
March 13, 2023
Knows What He Is Doing My golf game had plateaued… I had way too much going on in my head and had begun to over think the technical aspects of the game… Robin was able to identify this and present and teach the game in a way that simplified my thought processes… A gifted coach and an awesome guy… I came away with a far better mental approach to the game, and quite unexpectedly, a new friend… 👍 Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their game on or off the course…
Joachim S
Joachim S
February 3, 2023
Golf dreams come true I came more or less as a Golf beginner to Samui. Had only few experience before, and i stuck making no progress. Robin taught me how to listen to my body and how to use my hips for a better swing. After only a few lessons we went for 9 holes on the stunning Santiburi course today and i did it with a score of 54 and three boogies. Dreams came true. Robin is outmost encouraging and fun to work with.
November 1, 2022
Robin - Best Pro in Koh Samui I have only recently started playing golf and spontaneously asked Robin if he could set up a training session followed by a 9-hole round with me during my time in Koh Samui. I definitely did not have to wait long for his answer. He has a very good, very precise eye for details and gives super helpful tips so that appropriate improvements for the personal golf game can be made very quickly and noticeably. It was so much fun. I would try to book a slot with him again at any time. In addition, he is also simply a super likeable guy.
Svenja W
Svenja W
October 3, 2022
He got us hooked into golf Our only experience with golf was a driving range visit with a friend. When we had the chance to receive an introduction by a pro, we took the chance. Robin was very welcoming, professional and made the experience fun & learning from the very beginning. He has a good observation and can help you find your individual strengths and blind spots, so you can see improvements fast. If he wasn’t in Thailand but in our home location, we would have definitely continued our golf learning journey with Robin. 100% recommended!
September 20, 2022
Most professional and patient trainer Robin Mulholland aka The Swing Doctor is the best golf teacher you can have whatever you are a total beginner or just want to take your game to the next level. Robin is sweet and funny and has a great understanding of exactly where you are in the process, what you are capable of and what you need to progress. I will give Robin my best recommendation. Suitable for all ages!



“After years of thinking about doing it i finally bit the bullet and decided to take up golf.  my dad always said to start by taking lessons, which would make sure that i began with the right technique and wouldn’t have to unlearn any bad habits in the future. And so that’s what i did, heading down to the Koh Samui Golf Academy i was really surprised to find it a overall fun and easy going experience. My instructor was Robin, one of the nicest canadians you’ll ever meet, and over the course of 5 lessons got me from missing the ball completely, to a couple of pars at Bophut golf coarse. Not to mention even taking hole or two off my dad. Highly recommend.”

Thomas Pollard

I took the Beginners package when I was on holiday in Koh Samui, and I have to say that it was a very enjoyable experience.

Robin teaches a natural way too play golf, everything is geared towards being basic, fluid, and smooth, and it works very well.

Class time was very relaxed, but informative, I felt my progress was very swift due to in depth knowledge of technique, and professionalism from my teacher.

The icing on the cake was playing on the course on the final day of the course, Robin plays alongside you, as try to apply the techniques learnt from previous days. I had such a good time, that I wished the round we played was longer. Since then, I have been a bit hooked with the game, eager to learn more, but still remembering the basics and fundimentals that gave me such a good base to start from. Thanks Robin!”

Wing Yik

Hi Robin

Thanks for your e- mail.
You did a great Job in teaching  my son golf.
I was surprised to see that he was able to practise the right swing just after 5 lessons and did not make the mistakes one observes usually with beginners.
Felix is for sure very talented however this is also your success.
How is life in Koh Samui?

Best regards

Ciao Robin

Sorry, but I had a busy time since I got back to Switzerland.

I thank you very much for your teaching.
I made a big step forward for a good golfswing.
Now, I am still exercising what I have learnt from you.
Also the conversation about other topics was very interesting for me.

You are a very nice person, I hope to see you again.

See you soon, Marcel

Hi Robin,

Just got back into Sydney tonight after having spent a few days with the family in Melbourne.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my golf sessions with you and hope to continue practicing my techniques.  At this stage, I don’t think I should rush out and buy myself a set of golf clubs until the techniques are of certain standards.

Thankyou for being so patient with me.

Hope to see you someday in Koh Samui for a round of golf.

Kind regards.

“Being new to the game of golf, Robin and Koh Samui Gold Academy were an ideal introduction to the sport. Having only been to a few driving ranges in the past, Robin progressed me at great speed and I improved in a few days more than I had in months alone at a range.”

Best Regards,
Alan Watts | Vice President of Operations – South East Asia

Hi Robin,

It was great meeting you. And thanks indeed for a very good golf lesson.

P.S: By the way, just when we thought we are doing well with our 75 and 100 yard swings, it was good to see there is some head-room for growth. We’ll remember your super shots for a long time :).

All the best,

Dear Robin,

Please accept our apologies for the long delay with this letter! Now we have a lot of pleasant but exhausting bustle with preparation for our wedding 🙂

To be honest, we are still impressed by our Samui holidays. And the golf day with you was truly superlative of our vocation!

It was so amazing and fantastic to study golf basics with your tutorship just for several hours and then have fun playing golf with you.
This day was really great and it was an unforgettable experience for us!

And now we are in cold rainy Russia 🙁
We are going to improve our golf skills in Moscow if the weather will allow us to do this. It’s very hard to play golf on the snowy golf course 🙂

I’m sending you some photos of our golf day with you.

Thank you, Robin!

Danil and Tatiana.

Hey Robin

I thought I would get a chance to see you before I left, but sadly never made back down to the range. I did indeed very much enjoy the golf lessons and felt I certainly got the bug.  In terms of referral  this is my honest opinion:

‘Robin simplifies the hidden complexities of golf logically, which enabled me, as a beginner, to understand the fundamentals required to play and enjoy the game. The application of his passion, patience and sense of humour combined with experience and professionalism could not be a better way to T off as a beginner.’

Thanks again for the lessons and I will be sure to say hello and play some more golf next time (which I hope is soon) I get to Koh Samui.

Rupert Skinner

I would not hesitate to recommend Robin as your golf instructor in Koh Samui. He dissected my golf swing and had me hitting balls effortlessly by the end of every lesson. As a beginner, my golf swing and my knowledge of the game increased hugely just after a few lessons. Robin teaches in a fun and friendly way. His heritage is Scottish too, so golf is in his blood!

Davina Ho

Dear Robin,

I thank you very much for your patience with me.
I can still hear your soothing voice..like in a trance..
this …that…all the magic words in golfing.
I must say, you inspired me :-))

….and your great mood and aura…all paid.

I will thank you.
“petit” Corazon

I took lessons with Robin through Koh Samui Golf Academy.
I was very pleased with the overall outcome, mentally and physically.
Robin’s accurate assessment of my skill level gave him the ability to work on my problem areas.

This resulted in a big change of the way I approached, play, and now understand the game.
I am very new to the sport and admired the patience and helpfulness Robin gave me.
Thanks again, and I look forward to a playing lesson with Robin!


Hi again from Gary Quaghebeur your Samui student from Canada.

I would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being a great instructor of the game ( Golf ). I am sure that my friends back home will have no trouble noticing the improvement i have made under your instruction, I certainly would not hesitate to refer you to anyone looking to improve there game, i only wish you were closer to my home so i could improve more.
I thank you in advance for allowing me to contact you for answers on other troubles that i may have in the future.

Its been an absolutely fantastic experience to learn with you, i  believe it was money well spent.

Looking forward to my next lesion ( if i make it back this way ).
Thanks again and take care.

P.S I love the way you pay attention to detail.

Your friend, Gary Quaghebeur
Edmonton, AB Canada.

Dear Robin,
Thank you for your great help in getting a real round golf swing. Since more than 29 years I like to play golf. I had many lessons from golf professionals but not one of them gave me the right touch. I had only six hours and now my swing is correct and has a higher club swing. Your system is easy and natural . Now my club head is in the right position and the ball flight is correct. My balls fly higher and 20 feet longer as before. The new swing is for my body easier and makes more fun. I learned from you what muscle memory shall tell you. Swing easy….Now I can understand how to swing a golf club. Thank you and hope to see you again.

All the best.


Reinhard Schulz
Optic – Consulting GmbH & Co.KG
Schluchtweg 13

Dear Robin,
Apologies for not writing to you immediately upon return.  The last few days were very busy but we now seem to be back on track.  That said, we miss Koh Samui sunshine, the sea and our playing lessons!

Klaus and myself would like to thank you once again for the most enjoyable and productive training sessions we had with you over the last two months.  You have taken us on as golf students in a very embryonic stage and enabled us to achieve significant progress in a short span of time.  You have simple but most effective teaching methods and it was incredibly rewarding to witness our own improvements.     Most importantly, you have boosted our self-confidence and we are looking forward to have our first round of golf in Potsdam this weekend.

Your positive attitude, friendliness and a great sense of humour made our time together very enjoyable.  We hope there will be an opportunity for us to come back to Koh Samui next year and embark jointly on a new challenge of improving our playing skills further.

With very best wishes to you and your family!

Kind regards
Klaus and Helen

Dear Robin,
Thank you very much for your  kind email.  As they say: the pleasure was all mine;

Thank you ever so much for your great help and patience. You are by far the best golf-teacher I had and I learned a great deal from you. And it was great fun to go on those flights with you. I just wished I had more time to do that a couple of times more, that would have helped me.  And would have been great fun as I enjoyed your company very much.

I will gladly recommend you to all future students and Koh Samui golf-visitors I know. If someone cannot play golf after having gone through your thorough and logical training methods I suggest that this person should take up some other sporting activity. Playing chess, for example. 🙂

Take care, buddy and hopefully see you very soon on Samui.  And all the best of luck to you and your family.

All the very best,
Reto Beuhler

Dear Robin,
How nice to get an email from you.

Yes also for me, the hours spend getting golf (and more) instructions from you, were a great experience. I  improved considerably my golf playing.  After the 18 holes in Santiburi, I really would have like to reflect the new (golf) feelings with you, but I didn’t have time left. So I catch it up now. It was just great. Good feeling at the driving range, after meeting Greg , who introduced me kindly at the club. The first holes were not well played: I was also a bit nervous because I felt stressed knowing players behind me waiting. Then I started to relax, and tried to remember the good feelings from the range. The gratification was my very first birdie in life,  at hole 7 (P4).  I really felt like a bird… The game finished with me making a short chiropractor grip to my caddy first, and to an Austrian player after: they both had back pain, but they felt better after.

Now I’m back home in Winterthur. It is snowing, and you can imagine the temperature outside… I’m happy that I have my own range in my music room, but the good teacher is missing. He’s right: Thailand is the right choice where to live.

I also wish all the best for you, your wife and your young children for the 2011, and look forward to see you again in Samui.

And thanks again for the excellent lessons.

Cari saluti
Lorenzo  Fumagalli

Hey Robin
Thanks again for the lessons, which I thought were well structured and thoughtful given the short time we had to work together.  You provided me with a thorough review of the basics of the grip, stance, and swing — all in pieces so as not to overwhelm me.  Then you help me put it all together, which was great.

Best of all was your positive demeanor and friendly approach.  You are a natural and patient teacher, and were quick to provide positive reinforcement and constructive criticism when needed.

I would gladly work with you again and will look you up next time I am in Samui.
Best wishes to you and your family for the new year.

– Darren Massara

Dear Robin!
It’s been a while, but nevertheless I want to say thank you very much for the lessons I had with you earlier this year and that I appreciated it very much.

As you know I had been away from the sport for quite some time due to the birth of my two sons and I had become quite “rusty”, no doubt that I was in great need for some professional instructions. You helped me refreshing my swing, adding accuracy and distance, in general improving my golf game and making it more fun being on the course!
The lessons I had with you was very informative, very helpful and for me worth every “penny”, and you always took time after the lessons for a talk which I appreciated very much.

I certainly hope that when I’m coming back to Samui again we can continue with some more lessons, maybe a round of golf for some “on course management”, some improvement on the green would be nice.

I hope to see you soon again Robin, until then, take good care of yourself.

You’re sincerely,
Ove Hjellestad.

‘Writing a recommendation for Robin’s unique method of golf instruction, has to be one of the easiest tasks I have undertaken.

The lessons both Richard and I shared were hugely helpful, informative and really put us straight on the basics of what we have both been doing wrong for the last thirty years plus!!!!

Our only regret was that we did not embrace the idea sooner, which would have given us time to have played a teaching round with Robin.  In a nutshell if you know you have problems with any part of your game Robin has a talent for sorting it out, and does so in a very understandable and encouraging way.  Don’t make the same mistake as we did and leave it too late to go back for more! ‘

Richard and Julia Skinner owners of Villa Nirvana in Koh Samui.

Hi Robin.
I am sorry that I have not sent this E mail before.
I would like to thank you for a excellent instructions and help on my golf technique.
It really helped a lot, and was very happy at the end of our sessions, when the result of the improved techniques started to show.

I will recommend you to all my friends that are interested in starting golf or to improve their techniques, since your way of teaching are excellent, and very effective.

I hope you have the possibility to have some instructions with me again when I return to Koh Samui in the end of November.

Unfortunately I have to go to Norway during my oncoming vacation.
So I will have only a few days on the island.

Hoping that the twins and your wife are fine.

Yours sincerely.
Helge R. Solhaug

Myself and my teenage son took Robin’s four-day beginners golf course. This is the third or fourth time in my life I’ve taken golf lessons and finally I’ve found a golf instructor who teaches in such a way that you can actually understand what you are doing and start to learn the game! This was Max’s second time to take lessons and by the end of the four days we were both happy and surprised by the good progress we had made. Well done Robin, an enjoyable and very practical course. Highly recommended.

Chris and Max Roberts – Hong Kong

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